We know from experience: New business development needs new thinking.

Business development is another field of ope­ra­tion in which Nussbaumer Projects has ex­ten­sive experi­ence and expertise. Within it, Nussbaumer Projects goes well be­yond the role of just being a partner and inter­mediary; we always strive to assume inno­vation leader­ship. In our consul­ting busi­ness we draw on the experience and lear­nings from the past to deve­lop new stra­te­gies and models. In doing so we do not follow well-trodden paths. We seek out new stra­te­gies and ideas in order to opti­mise existing struc­tures and tap into new business fields.

Our focal areas

  • Advice on and placement of acqui­sitions and divest­ments in the SME arena
  • Organisation and structuring of invest­ment and finan­cing ideas, also in the real estate sector
  • Development of business ideas for new plat­forms in the asset management area