Our investment strategy:
Looking ahead—never looking back.

Processes in business management and in the tech­no­logy sector have one thing in common: best practice models have built-in obso­les­cence. Good is suddenly no longer good enough. That is why we pursue a forward-looking and sus­tai­nable stra­tegy with our own inves­tment and acqui­si­tion busi­ness. We develop and facili­tate the pio­nee­ring ideas which will move the future in order to gene­rate leads. We are not at the mercy of devel­op­ments—we stimu­late them and assume leadership of them.

In doing so we deploy our full exper­ience and know-how to iden­tify the ideas that matter, ana­ly­sing them, shaping them and nur­turing them to bear fruit.

Turning ideas into business reality.

Most business ideas are never actually imple­men­ted or falter in the launch phase. That is be­cause they are simp­ly not rele­vant or because the know-how or capital needed for their imple­men­tation is missing. Nussbaumer Projects, however, uses its consul­tancy arm to tap into exper­ience, exper­tise and contacts. And because we have invest­ments, we can raise the capital needed.

Nussbaumer Projects currently has an equity holding in plenigo GmbH, Munich. plenigo is a start-up company that develops and offers complete e-commerce solutions in the paid content area.