The transformation to a media company as the basis for competitiveness and future viability

For the consumer of journalistic content today, it is no longer the availability of information that is decisive, but the differentiation of useful and useless content. At the same time, the willingness to pay money for reliable content that is provided according to the consumer’s needs is increasing.

Regional newspaper publishers have a trustworthy brand. They produce exclusive content and enjoy a high level of trust among the people in their region. However, circulation and advertising revenues are declining because the needs of new target groups - the ‘digital converts’ and ‘digital natives’ - can no longer be met with traditional print products.

In order to be able to monetize content optimally in the future, a change to a digital, agile media company is required. The reader decides on his or her favorite offering and preferred channel of consumption. Editorial content will be created in a media-neutral way and put into innovative narrative formats.

With the help of target group-oriented analyses, the needs of the customers can be analyzed and the product portfolio optimized. Depending on the readers’ preferred media usage behavior, digital offers are individually tailored to the target group.

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